North Country Tech Services


What Can We Help You With?

Areas of Service


In-Store services

Software Repair

We will address just about any software problem that you may have.

That includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Virus

  • Popups

  • Errors

  • Slowness

  • Software installs

  • Blue screens

  • Restores

  • New computer setup

  • And much more, just ask!


Phone and Tablet Repair

Everyone drops their phone. Don't be embarassed, we can help.

We use high quality screens for all our iPhones and OEM screens for most other phones.

  • Screen replacement

  • Charging port replacement

  • Battery replacement

  • Speaker replacement

  • Water damage

  • And more, just ask!




Hardware Repair

Every computer will have a hardware problem at some point in time. We are here to help.

  • Computer does not turn on

  • Hard drive replacement

  • CD/DVD replacement

  • Motherboard replacement

  • Customer computer builds

  • And much more, just ask!


On-site services

Same services we offer in-store plus a few more! We will help you decide whether in-store, or on-site services are best for you.

  • Router setup

  • Shared network setup

  • Printer setup

  • TV setup

  • Sound system setup

  • And much more, just ask!


business services

We offer the same services at the same pricing for our business clients. Here are a few added services.

  • Full network setup

  • Complete coverage wifi

  • Advanced security cameras

  • Full onsite support

  • Full remote support

  • And much more, just ask!

Managed Services

Managed Anti-Virus

With this service you will get managed virus protection and we will monitor your computer's security and health. All for a low monthly charge! We will also make sure your computer's important updates are installed, and software you have on the computer is updated. This plan comes with free phone and free remote support for questions and quick fixes.

  • Managed Antivirus

  • Managed Computer Security

  • Managed Computer Health

  • Managed Software Updates

  • Quick Remote Fixes under 15 Minutes are Free

Add website monitoring and blocking

Get 20% off two or more personal computers!

Managed Back-Up

Our Managed Backup is built right into the same engine that powers our Managed Anti-Virus. Automatically backing up your important data daily to the cloud. Also like our Managed Anti-Virus, we monitor it so it's always working.

  • Daily automatic backup

  • Cloud based storage, with local option

  • Managed service

  • Easy recovery of one, or all files